When David Bowie Died

by David Nunezon January 9, 2017
It was 7am. January 11, 2016. I got a phone call from my brother. I could immediately tell something was wrong. There was a long pause before he spoke. He said solemnly, “I’m sorry, brother… Bowie died last night.” Those words came at me like a swift kick in the dark. Suddenly, like the last scene in a Saw […]

Review: Suicide Squad

by Casey Whiteon August 8, 2016
Earlier this year I wrote an article detailing how I would LIKE to see the world of the DC Cinematic Universe expand. That article posited a time-line in the current run and proposed a number of ways to intelligently expand on the established world created by the first two entrants into the world of DC […]

Dexter Will Return To Get Revenge On The True Culprit Behind His Upbringing

by David Nunezon July 24, 2016
Despite it appearing that Dexter had officially traded in his Henleys for Lumberjack plaid, the dude’s got some unfinished business to attend to. Yes, the finale left a lot to be desired, and it’s because Dexter’s story is far from over. Today we will uncover the secret origin of Dexter Morgan and examine the real culprit behind […]


Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

by David Nunezon June 9, 2016
“Okay. This was not good.” This is what I found myself saying out loud after watching TMNT: Out of the Shadows. My girlfriend’s response was, “What?” And I came back with “LET ME THINK, GODDAMIT!” And boy did I think. I dwelled on what worked and what didn’t. Why I enjoyed the last movie more […]

Fixing the Snyder-Verse

by Casey Whiteon May 4, 2016
If you happen to be one of the millions of comic book enthusiasts out there, who also is a movie goer, then more than likely you – like myself – have been absolutely flipping your collective shit for the last couple of years. We’ve entered a golden age of nerd-dom where the panels of our […]
Joker's Condition

Between The Lines: Joker’s Secret Condition

by David Nunezon May 3, 2016
Joker is Batman’s psychotic nemesis who became the menacing harlequin we all know and love after falling into a vat of chemicals.  Little else is known about his past. It’s consistently kept hidden from readers to give him an air of mystery, but what if there was evidence written in just about every single incarnation […]


Batman v. Superman: The Defiance of Logic

by David Nunezon April 23, 2016
A movie should be considered a work of art. Any movie: be it Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho or Tommy Wiseau’s The Room. Some critics could declare a film a masterpiece, while another may find it closer to cinematic garbage. That’s the nature of having your own opinion. Having your own taste. Despite what critics had to […]

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